Flathead catfish is a native variety to the United States. Although they originally originated from the Mississippi River as well as the huge rivers that drain pipes off of it, flatheads have been transplanted and also can now be found in waters across the country because of their appeal as a game fish as well as food. Flatheads can be discovered in slow-moving water such as big rivers as well as streams, and also in lakes and ponds. They prefer to live in deep water with objects like fallen logs that supply good hiding places.

Flathead catfish are so called for their long, distinctly squashed heads. Their eyes are level and also oblong designed, and also their lower jaw sticks out past their upper jaw. They can be found in shades of mottled browns and yellows. Forty- to fifty-pound flatheads are usually captured in rivers as well as lakes. Flathead catfish that are over one-hundred extra pounds have actually apparently additionally been captured.

After hatching out, flathead catfish expand quickly. They are mature when they are about fifteen to nineteen inches long, as well as can live for over twenty-five years. They grow constantly throughout their lifetime. Flatheads will certainly consume practically anything they can get in their large mouths, but they prefer fish. Bream are just one of their favorite foods. They likewise enjoy to consume online perch and also sunfish. Flathead catfish can ruin the populace of some type of sunfish, specifically in smaller sized bodies of water, or water where they are not native. Some smaller rivers in Georgia have shed almost all their redbreast sunfish after the introduction of flatheads. Flatheads often tend to feed me the view, as well as will feed at night as well as throughout the day– despite the fact that many catfish tend to be a lot more energetic in the evening. You can draw flatheads with light. They’ll come to prey on the baitfish that are drawn into the light.

Flathead catfish like deep openings with the cover on the outside edges of river bends. Search for huge logjams, tree stumps, and rocks where they such as to conceal. Cast under the sides. Let your lure drift in, and afterwards, hang on. If the outdoors bends are as well solid to fish, locate some within bends with less present. In big lakes as well as storage tanks, look for the big flatheads in areas with great deals of the cover– like submerged brush piles. Flatheads frequently take a trip in the old river as well as creek networks in these lakes and tanks. In the evening, they’ll travel these networks as well as arise beside shallows to feed. Position on your own along with these areas and also wait on them to arrive.

You’ll have much better results fishing for flathead catfish in the early morning, very early night, and also after dark in the summertime. Although flatheads will certainly take bait throughout the day, they won’t go far to do so. You’ll have to come to be acquainted with the body of water you’re angling in and also where flatheads are in order to get the bait close sufficient to them. Maintain your catfish bait on the river or lake bottom. Flathead catfish feed off the bottom a lot of the moment.

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